Agency details settings


Provide the agency details such as contact details, agency photo, messengers and configure SMTP server, which is required in order to receive offer submissions and ‘Quick contact’ messages.

Contact details

Please enter your contact details. These will be automatically transferred to the contact pages. The office picture is also displayed on the contact pages.

Google maps settings

Here please enter the location description, the corresponding GEO coordinates, so that your office location is displayed on the Googlemaps on the contact pages.
You can also enter a link to a static Googlemaps map.
To use Google Maps on your website, you need to enter a valid Google maps API key, which you can request in advance from Google (

SMTP settings:

Please enter the email settings for sending emails here so that your website can send email notifications to customers such as booking confirmations, announcements, recommendations.

Pixabay image browser

Please enter your Pixabay API key here, which you can request in advance from Pixabay ( )
mySite.Works will then have direct access to the free and royalty-free images from the Pixabay image database in your media library.

Please note that the image is always transferred in the lowest resolution. To activate the function for higher resolutions on the part of Pixabay, you must contact Pixabay support separately.