German package offers

Tour operator selection & Soft-booking

Here you can select the tour operators whose offers are to be displayed in the system. You can also specify whether you want to force a soft booking for certain tour operators

  • lease also select your preferred insurance service provider and rental car provider here
  • You can also determine whether the organizer logos should be displayed.
  • The Holidaycheck ratings can be shown & hidden.
  • You can also hide incomplete offers from the result lists.

Additional Parameters

  • Add Destination filters for 2 .step
  • show / hide total price
  • hide/show cart

Price format

define here how prices will be displayed

Confirmation mail

You can define in which cases mySite.Works will send(not send confirmation mails to the customer

Step2 default settings

Here you can define how many region will be shown expanded from top of teh region list

Here you can define if teh region list will be shown or direclty the offers

Step 3 default settings

Here you can define if the searchmask will be shown on step3 or not

Own text settings

  • additional text on the confirmation of application and email
  • agents conditions how teh service works
  • own content in email


GIATA IHG (Internet Hotel Guide) credentials (if these are not available please contact GIATA or ask your cooperation partner for a corresponding license)