POP-UP Configuration

Step 1. Selecting and creating a new pop-up.

In order to add a pop-up on the website, open Pop-up configuration tab and select Add. A menu with pop-up types will open on the left. Select a type and the pop-up will be created (will be added to the pop-up list)

Click on the configuration icon next to the selected pop-up to start its configuration.

Step 2: Pop-up configuration – Main settings.

  • Title − a text that will be displayed in the header of a particular pop-up (e.g. Newsletter on the example above)
  • Hide the header − decide whether to show the header or not (here the title is displayed so hiding the header, the title will not be displayed as well)
  • Vertical − decide on what height the pop-up will be displayed (bottom, middle or top of the website)
  • Pop-up size − define the width of the pop-up (40,60 or 80%)
  • Horizontal − decide whether the pop-up will be displayed on the left, right or in the middle of the website
  • Internal margins − set the size of the border surrounding the text
  • Pop-up background image − thanks to this button it is possible to add an image that will visible in the background
  • Action or condition to display − select when to display the pop-up, e.g., after entering the website
  • Condition activation time − how much time from the action defined above will pass before the pop-up will be displayed – e.g. after 1 minute from entering the website
  • Activation activities restrictions − how often the pop-up will be displayed, e.g. every time, once a week, etc
  • Autoclose − time, after which the pop-up will close automatically
  • Pop-up animation − select the type of animation will be used to display the pop-up
  • Websites to apply − select on what subpages the pop-up will be displayed
  • Add action − this button allows to add another action for the particular pop-up

Step 3: Pop-up configuration – Content.

  • Font color − select color of the text – text color and background color can be different in each section
  • Section background color − select background color
  • Additional spacing − decide if the sections will be separated with additional spacing
  • Separator color − select color of the separator between sections
  • Header text − provide a text that will be displayed in the particular section
Vacations CMS Konfiguracja
  • Add image − this allows to add pictures to a particular pop-up
  • Image title − text that will be displayed on the image
  • Add link − provide a URL of the website that will open after clicking on the image
  • Social media: Add portal − adds icons to share on various social media
  • Contact section: Show agency email, agency phone, contact request, quick contact − using those buttons, decide what information will be visible on the pop-up
  • Społeczności: Dodaj portal – dodawanie ikonek do udostępniania na portalach społecznościowych
  • Sekcja kontakt: Pokazuj mail agencji, telefon agencji, żądanie kontaktu, szybki kontakt – za pomocą tych przycisków wybieramy, które informacje wyświetlą się w okienku