Site Management

The list of subpages is located on the left side of the panel. This is the list of supgaes created by default in every template

For every subpage there is a menu available:

  • Configuration − possibility to edit subpage, add/edit/delete elements
  • Permissions (advanced settings)
  • Delete (available only for subpages created by the Agent

INDEX − main site 


  • INDEX − main site 
  • ABOUT US − about us, subpage where you can describe your office 
  • EGUIDE − e-guide (may be used only once) − detailed information about the regions 
  • PRIVACY − privacy policy, possibility to provide your own content
  • CONTACT − office details with its location on the map 
  • CONTACT1 − office details with the contact form
  • EXPERT–ADVICE − may be used only once − possibility to add and edit your Experts 
  • HOW TO − how to book − possibility to add your own content regarding how to move on the site and describing the booking process

Subpage addition

The possibility to add your own subpage, which will be based on the template. You may use ready-made template and provide the name (cannot contain special characters).

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